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New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church

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Apostle A. Norris Smith is the presiding prelate of Refreshing Spring Ministries and the Pastor of the New Covenant Baptist Church, which is located in Southeast Washington, District of Columbia, where he has faithfully served his congregation for more than thirty-three years. 

Bishop Smith is a native of the state of North Carolina, where he received his public education and attended Queen Street Baptist Church in Beaufort, North Carolina.

After moving to Washington, D.C., in 1968, he began his career with the DC Government Department of Public Works, where he was employed for 21 years as a safety inspector. Bishop Smith joined, Reverend Richard Carroll and Mt. Zion Baptist Church in 1969, where he served as a deacon, choir member and usher. He accepted his call to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ Thanksgiving night, 1978 and on February 11, 1979, Bishop preached his first public message.

In 1980, Bishop Smith was led to join Galilee Baptist Church in Southeast Washington, D.C., under the astute leadership of the late Reverend Dr. Eugene Weathers. He was appointed as assistant to the Pastor and ordained to the gospel ministry in 1984 (Baptist Minister’s Conference of D.C. and Vicinity). After five years of service at Galilee, Bishop Smith received the call to become Pastor of New Covenant Baptist Church and accepted on March 1, 1985.

After the passing of Rev. Dr. Eugene Weathers, Bishop Smith and family joined Guiding Light Ministries under the watch of Bishop Willie Lewis, Sr. and Elder Edith Lewis. In 2002, he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Southern Baptist Church Bible Institute, an affiliate of Faith Christian University and Schools. He was consecrated to the office of Bishop-by-Bishop Willie L. Lewis, Sr., and Guiding Light Ministries in June 2002. Bishop organized Refreshing Spring Ministries and the Fellowship of Churches in 2006, with nine pastors in attendance.

Bishop Smith currently serves as Presiding Prelate and Overseer of:

Pastor Sherman C. Hayes and Liberty Empowerment Baptist Church, Colonial Beach, VA. 

  Pastor Holley Maxwell and Saved By Grace Ministries, District Heights, MD

Apostle John H. Bibbens and, Zion Church of Lottsburg, Lottsburg, VA

Pastor Lois Battle and Forever Faithful Ministries, Suitland, MD

Pastor Loraine Williams and The Love of God Baptist Church Capitol Heights, MD

Pastor Mildred Chatmon and Power of Prayer Ministries District Heights, MD


Bishop Smith has also birthed
Pastor Dwight Bynum and Shekinah Glory Deliverance Church, Ft. Washington, Md.

Reverend Dr. Deborah Durham and Let’s R.O.C.K. Ministries, Suitland, MD

Reverend Dr. Andrea Whitaker and Refuge Praise Temple, Suitland, MD

Pastor Sharon Y.B. Thompson and Holy City of Jerusalem Temple of God, Lanham, MD

Pastor Janice Swiney and New Branch of Zion, Capital Heights, MD

Pastor Mildred Chatmon and All Praise, Suitland, MD



August 12, 2012, Bishop Smith was consecrated to the Office of Apostle by Chief Consecrator Apostle Floyd Nelson, Co-Consecrators Nehemiah Rhinehart, Apostle Douglas Williams and the College of Bishops.


Apostle Smith holds an Honorary Doctors degree from Berean Theological Seminary; he also is a member of the Hamptons’ Ministers Conference, Hampton, VA and the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops, Cleveland, Ohio.


Bishop Smith is married to Elder Donna M. Smith (Pastor of Women). They are the proud parents of four beautiful daughters: Gloria (Devin), Karen (Andre), Kristina and Kelly and four grandchildren: Mackenzie, Brooke, Devyn, Jonathan Davis, Jr., a godson, Antwan A. Peters, a goddaughter, Kamonii A. Blunt and many other godchildren.



Meet Elder Donna M. Smith

  Elder Donna M. Smith, affectionately known as Pastor D, is the First Lady and Pastor of Women at New Covenant Baptist Church, in Southeast Washington, DC, where her husband, Apostle A. Norris Smith, is the pastor. A graduate of the Prince George’s County, Maryland Public Schools, she attended the University of Maryland seeking a degree in mathematics. Included in her educational background are courses in accounting and paralegal studies. Elder Smith received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies from Southern Baptist Church Bible Institute, an affiliate of Faith Christian University and Schools. 

 On June 24, 1990, Elder Smith preached her first public message, and ordained on December 4, 1999. She was appointed Pastor of Women on June 24, 2002, and installed on December 29, of the same year. Currently serving as the Church Administrator, Director of the Women’s Ministry, and an instructor at the Southern Baptist Church Bible Institute, Pastor D continues to preach and teach the Word of God without compromise. She loves the Lord and fully believes in moving by His Spirit. 

Elder Donna M. Smith, is the mother of four beautiful daughters: Gloria (Devin), Karen (Andre), Kristina and Kelly and four grandchildren: Mackenzie, Brooke, Devyn, Jonathan Davis, Jr., a godson, Antwan A. Peters, a goddaughter, Kamonii A. Blunt and many other godchildren.

"But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” 
1 Corinthians 2:9
















 “Likewise must the deacons be grave, not double tongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre; holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience.  And let these also first be proved; then let them use the office of a deacon, being found blameless.”

 ~ 1 Timothy 3:8-10 ~

The Deacon Board of New Covenant Baptist Church is committed to assisting the Pastor in his mission as Shepherd to this membership. As selected servants, the Deacon Board recognizes the loving heart of God and the genuine concern for the spiritual and material needs of the membership. We meet this challenge by first being filled with his spirit and guidance. Our commitment involves becoming the hands and feet of Jesus reaching out to those in need. We strive to carry out this mission in faith and continuous prayer.






 The Church shall elect a Board of Trustees composed of not less than three, no more than nine persons, who shall be members of the Church. 

 a) The trustees shall hold church property for the church membership and for the property constituted authorities.

b) In all cases where the civil law requires a specific mode of election of the trustees of the Church, that mode shall be followed.

c) Before real estate is purchased for the Church (use of the Church), the trustees shall see that the Church, in all places where the statute will permit, be incorporated and that the articles of the incorporation shall be subject to the provisions of the government.

d) Such article shall provide that all real property shall be deeded to the Church in its corporate name and the trustees shall look after the upkeep of the Church property, both real and personal and shall present all bills for repairs, improvements, etc., to the Church in a regular business meeting for payment.

e) All checks and drafts, of whatsoever name or nature, shall be signed by the chairman and treasurer of the Church, or in their absence, the Church may appoint someone to do so by a majority vote present; that in the event of an emergency.

f) The chairperson of any and all boards must be elected by the Church or appointed by the Pastor.



The treasurer of the church shall be a person elected by the Church, or in the case of emergency, the Pastor may appoint one.

a) The treasurer should be a person who owns some property and a person of undisputed character, and if necessary he should be given bond.

b) Where it can be done, the treasurer should be exempted from all other positions in the Church.

c) The treasurer should keep a record of all funds received and disbursed and shall pay out none, except by order, and shall bank all monies himself/herself, or by a banking committee, and at the end of the term of office will turn over all financial records to the Church or the successor in office.




a) The Secretary of the church should be women. If a qualified women is not available, a man may be elected. 

b) If possible, the church secretary should exempted be from all other positions in the church.

c) It is the duty of the Secretary to keep records of all business transacted by the Church properly. Keep all Church documents under lock and key and turn over all papers and documents to her/his successor.

d) Salary to be set by Bishop and Executive Council

e) Other assignments as designated by the Bishop.




Apostle A. Norris Smith


Elder Donna M. Smith


Reverend Maxine Blunt


Minister Candis Scippo


Deaconess Angela Slade



Deacon Timothy G. Blunt, Chairman

Deacon Victor M. Robinson, Vice-Chairman

Deacon William Battle

Deacon David Fenwick

D.I.T Melvin King

D.I.T Victor Robinson III



Deaconess Zola Dixon, Honorary

Deaconess Mary Waller,  Chairperson

Deaconess Angela Slade, Secretary

Deaconess Linda Brooks

Deaconess Carolyn Deal 

Deaconess Lucretia Fenwick

Deaconess Lenore Gerber

Deaconess Florence Ginwright

Deaconess Frances Johnson

Deaconess Deloris Short

Deaconess Krista Spruill

Deaconess Gloria Staton

Deaconess Kim Stephens

Jr. Deaconess Karen Smith Moore

Jr. Deaconess Gloria Smith

D.I.T. Kimberly Fullen



Apostle A. Norris Smith, Pastor

Elder Donna M. Smith, Pastor of Women

Reverend Maxine Blunt

Reverend Marcia Burgess 

Reverend Brenda Corbin

Reverend Robert Durham

Reverend Rori Durham

Reverend Mildred Hughes 

Reverend Loretta Jones

Reverend Alexis King

Reverend Lois "Dusty" Minnis

Reverend Christine Peters

Reverend Helene Robinson

Reverend Quandetta Robinson

Reverend Alfonzo Waller 

Reverend Aleshia Watson

Reverend Lawrence Watson

Reverend Ernest Whitaker 

Reverend Yvonne Williams

Minister Marion Branch

Minister Edward Burgess

Minister Juan Carethers

Minister Michelle Cokley

Minister Thomas Fullen

Minister Manyka Gaither

Minister Kathy Green

Minister Jason Holden

Minister Vanessa Kelson

Minister Michele Petty

Minister Candis Scippo

Minister Annie Tisdale

Minister Arletta Whitaker



Trustee Victor M. Robinson, Jr., -Chairman

Trustee Paula Byrd

Deaconess Lucretia Fenwick -Financial Secretary

Deaconess Angela Sladec- Treasure 


Reverend Maxine Blunt- Overseer

Sister Anita Brozell- President

Sister Sherry Jolly- Treasurer
Deaconess Krysta Spruill- Chaplin
Sister Kathy Green- Sargent- at- Arms
Delores Graham
Douglass Raspberry
Jacqueline Spurrell
Deloris Worthing
Joan Nelson (Honorary Member)

Ollie White (Honorary Member )


Reverend Alexis King, President

Reverend Helene Robinson, Vice- President

Reverend Christine Peters

Minister Michelle Cokley

Sister Nicole Callaham

Sister Topaze Douglass

Sister Valerie Dunnaway

Sister Norma Deneen



Reverend Maxine Blunt, Overseer

Deaconess Linda Brooks

Trustee Paula Byrd



Reverend L. Watson (Bass Guitarist)

Brother Clayton (Pianist)

Brother Eric White (Drummer)

Brother D. Raspberry (Drummer)

Brother Tim Porter (Drummer)

Reverend Yvonne Williams (Pianist)